Star of David Necklace
Star of David Necklace by Nano jewelry
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Formed by the combination of symmetrical triangles coming together into a hexagram, or a 6-pointed star, the Star of David can be seen as an accessory on many Jewish women, men and teenagers. It is one of the most popular pieces used to signify the Jewish identity. The Star of David can be found in synagogues and on the national flag of Israel. It is worn for good luck and to demonstrate a link to Israel and to the Jewish people.
While the Star of David might be a popular fashion accessory today, the symbol itself has existed for many years. As per history, it was first seen during the Bronze era and has since been used by many populations as a decorative piece. In addition, the Star of David played a significant part in religious practices established by other cultures all around the world. In the middle ages, the primary idea was that this symbol was associated with paranormal capabilities. Directly linked to that notion, many people presently wear the Star of David as a talisman for protection.
The primary symbol representative of Judaism was the menorah up until the 19th century. Things began to change in the 17th century as European groups such as the Prague’s Jewish community initiated the utilization of the Star of David. When this happened, the symbol began to appear in many local European synagogues. During the latter part of the century, it was adopted by the Zionist movement and has since become the most prevalent symbol of Jewish identity. Of course, during World War II, Jews were made to wear yellow badges showing the Star of David by the Nazis. This was done to distinguish Jews from other communities. 
In the present day, the Star of David has been renowned across the globe as a symbol of Jewish identity. People wear a Star of David pendant as an emblem of faith, as a reminder of a strong trust in God, and for good luck. Additionally, the symbol can be found on the Magen David Ado, which is the Israeli equivalent of the Red Cross. As you can see, the Star of David is a very significant symbol and is now globally recognizable.